Location, Location, Location!

When doing any kind of photo shoot, the foreground (usually the individual being photographed- YOU!) needs to be in harmony with the background (the location of the shoot).  A good location sets the mood, and amplifies it while providing a beautiful backdrop for the photographs.

Your location shouldn’t be overpowering or distracting of what’s going on in the foreground of the picture. You should be what draws in the viewer’s attention first.

You can choose a location that has meaning for you.  Is it the downtown area of your hometown?  Your neighborhood pool if you are swimmer, the park you grew up going to? If your location holds meaning for you, it will add a nice layer of interest to your images in years to come.

Last but not least, choose a location that you love. If you have multiple locations on your short list, choose the one that you aesthetically love the most. It is going to be in your pictures after all and play an important part, so you better like what you see!

A good location is in harmony with all the three factors mentioned above. The perfect location is one that you love, that is meaningful to you and let’s you be the center of attention.

Here are some of the places I’ve loved shooting at in our area.  Click the link to see a session in each location.


North Carolina Museum of Art- outside of the buildings

North Carolina Museum of Art- the park

WRAL Azalea Gardens

JC Raulston Arboteum

Downtown Raleigh

Downtown Raleigh -Union Station

Downtown Raleigh – rooftop

Downtown Raleigh – Capital Building and surrounding streets

Downtown Raleigh- Fayetteville Street, etc

Downtown Raleigh- Around Marbles and City Market

Lake Crabtree

LaFayette Village

Dorothea Dix Sunflower Fields (only available in July)

Historic Oak View County Park

Raleigh Rose Garden

Yates Mill Park



Downtown Apex

Jordan Lake


Downtown Cary

Page Walker House

Bond Park


American Tobacco Campus

Downtown Durham


We can also go to new places! Feel free to ask about any location that interests you and we can find out if we can shoot there!



designed by Elizabeth McCravy

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