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Branding Images and Headshots

Your online presence may be the way most people meet you these days! Make sure you are putting the best version of yourself out there and welcoming potential customers into your business!

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Give them a peek into your personality and business with a great photo of yourself.

Make a statement that connects with your ideal client.

Imagine what it will be like to...

have a folder full of images you can use wherever you need them (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, your website, your newsletters, etc.)

have updated images of yourself, that actually look like you! 

stop relying on and hunting for stock photos.

no longer have to reuse the same old photos over and over.

have your potential clients see you and be able to connect with you and your business.

tell the story of what it's like to work with you in pictures.  Let your clients envision themselves working with you. 

let's create a session that does all of this and more.

(cue the confetti.)

What sort of images do you need?

More than just a headshot

Lifestyle Headshots

 Need to update your headshot, your Linkedin profile pic and Zoom avatar?  

Modeling/Actor/Online Dating

Get the agency's guidelines and we will give them what they want! A beautiful new image to promote your best self!

Personal or Business branding

Populate your website with images that will speak to your ideal clients.  Show them your personality so they can envision themselves working with you!

Product Photos

We can get product photos of the goods you make or sell to appeal to online shoppers!

Team Photos

If you and your team need new, eye catching and cohesive photos, let's do it! We will get individual headshots, group portraits and detailed shots showing you all do what you do!

Social Media Content

We will discuss your needs during our planning  and figure out the best way for you to get the social media content you need to keep it fresh and keep people interested!

Sessions begin at 595 and each headshot/branding session includes a specified number of digital images. Prints, products and extra digital images are available to purchase through your gallery. Please email me to get a full price list.

"I love all of them so much. We’ve hired photographers over the years  but usually ended up disappointed because we were so posed. It always ended up looking contrived and didn’t reflect who we are.

These are different and capture me, my personality, and the brand I want to convey so perfectly. I am so excited to launch this business finally! These pictures were the last thing preventing me from portraying the image I wanted to send, and now I’m 100% ready. Thank you so much - working with you has been a joy!"

- Lani H.

As a business owner, I know the importance of putting yourself out there.  People want to see the face behind the business and they want someone they can trust.
I believe in authenticity, grace, humor and kindness in the way I run my business. A photo session is very personal and vulnerable but if we keep those 4 things in mind we'll be just fine. :)
I believe the reason you hire a professional photographer is because you value my craft and service. I will be with you every step of the way- and it's my job to make sure that you are comfortable and look great in front of my camera!

Hello there

i'm here to help you take your business to new heights.

Let's chat! Email or call to discuss what you need.  Tell me about your business and your goals and we will go over the session options to find the right fit for you!

The timeline

After you book your session, we will start planning. Every client fills out a pre session questionnaire to take a deeper look at your brand, your story and how we can best tell that through pictures.

The shoot day has arrived! You can be relaxed and stress free because we have it all planned out!

Your digital images will arrive in a gallery about 10 days after our session.  You will select your favorites, which will then get a final retouch.  After that you will be able to update all of your online images!

A getting to know you questionnaire

An optional discovery call to plan the best session for you

The shoot itself

Digital Images

every session includes

empowered to take your business to the next level!

you'll feel

Common Qs and A's:

i have a question...

Where can i use these photos?

It's helpful to think about where you need to use images before your session so that we can shoot purposefully! Use them on your website, social media, newlsetters, ads, etc!

where can we shoot if my office isn't photo worthy?

We can brainstorm location ideas  and even discuss the possibility of a  rental option if needed for your shoot!

What is the difference between a headshot session and a personal branding session??

A headshot session may be all you need if you just want a new image to update your current online social media profiles. A personal branding session is a more robust session  which will yield more images for you.

HELP! I am uncomfortable/
awkward/not crazy
about having my picture taken. 

Most people are uncomfortable in front of the camera. Just try to relax, remember your end goal and have fun. I will do my best to help you feel comfortable and to make this as fun and painless as possible.

Will you retouch my ______?

Each photo is edited for color, saturation, and lighting, to ensure that your collection of images tells a cohesive story. Any image that is ordered gets a little extra retouch love to fix blemishes, flyaway hairs, etc. The image will be enhanced, but you will still look like you!

Does my session come with digital images?

Yes. Each headshot/branding session comes with a specified number of digital images

- Robin C.

"Completely worth it. The entire experience was enjoyable and catered to me and the results I wanted.
And it was fun!"

Move forward today...

get ready for massive results.

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