Be a part of this unique and memorable experience for your senior year

senior model team

Up to 2-3 hours of photography time
Your choice of location(s)
Unlimited outfit changes
Viewing + Ordering Session to choose your favorite images and order custom products

What is the Senior Model Team??

It isn’t about being a model or even looking like a model.

It’s about building confidence and relationships.

It's about getting together to make memories and beautiful pictures.  I have found that the more often girls see beautiful pictures of themselves, the more comfortable they get in their own skin. They can appreciate their own beauty and not compare it to anyone else.  It is a great time, right before they leave the nest for college, to give them an extra boost of confidence and self appreciation.  Plus, we really do have fun!

A senior model is a rising senior who is friendly, outgoing and loves being in front of the camera!  If you want to be a part of something unique and memorable for your senior year and get some cool images to share on Instagram, then you may be the perfect fit!

- Zoja T.

"being on the Senior Model team has made me feel extremely confident and loved. I am super grateful for getting to know such a good group of girls!"

Build confidence and relationships.

and make some pretty pictures 

Take part in exclusive team sessions throughout the year

First dibs on the best dates for your senior session

Make new friends, build self confidence and create memories!

Phone app with digital images from any of the creative or mini sessions you attend

The Perks 


of being on the Senior Model Team

Questions & Answers

How much time do I have to devote?

Beyond the senior session, it's up to you!  School always comes first and I know with jobs and extracurriculars, life can get busy! I will give you the dates for the team shoots and you can come to every shoot that works with your schedule! 

Does it cost anything extra to be a Senior Model?

Nothing beyond your senior session. In addition to all of the team shoots you will get your individual senior portrait session!

What do I get as a team member?

In addition to your senior portrait session, you get the opportunity to participate in exclusive team shoots throughout your senior year!  You will make new friends from sharing this unique experience together!  You will get images from each shoot to share on social media!  This is an awesome way to document your senior year!!

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