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November 14, 2018

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By: Sydney McCoy

Senior pictures are iconic.

They are plastered on grad party announcements, yearbook tributes and especially your parents Facebook walls. Since so many people would be seeing them, I knew I had to have the best photographer. After doing some research, I decided 627 Photography was the best option, as Mrs. Amy is experienced, personable and has raving reviews. 

Before my session I had a few things that I needed to decide. Where I wanted my pictures taken, what I was going to wear, if I wanted any props such as an instrument or sport equipment and even what time of day I wanted. Personally, I knew I wanted to take my pictures in the heart of where I have lived my whole life, downtown Apex. When I get older and perhaps move out of Apex for my job, I want to be able to show my kids what the town I grew up in looked like during my years there. Next was outfits- since I took my pictures in October, I wanted the scenery to match my outfits with a more neutral and fall look. I typically wear more athleisure to school, so it was fun to dress up and pick out my outfit from head to toe. 

Finally it was shoot day.

I was nervous of making sure that my hair and makeup looked exactly how I wanted it. Usually when I have an event I have to go to, I tend to go slightly overboard on my makeup which I later regret, so I stuck to a light hand. Once I had my outfits packed and my jewelry layed out, it was time to head downtown. I picked the time slot of what is called “the golden hour”, as the sun is just starting to set, creating beautiful natural lighting.

Once we started shooting, Mrs. Amy had a game plan, she new exactly where to put me to make me look my best. People tend to get nervous in front of camera which can make them look and feel uncomfortable, but Mrs. Amy made me feel as though I was just talking to a friend while we casually took pictures. She cared about me as a person and listened to what I was saying, not just conversation filler. A helpful hint, make sure you brush up on your SAT vocab before you work with Mrs. Amy, because some of the words for facial expressions she described where out of my league! Although we laughed it off and joked about Tyra Banks’ show America’s Next Top Model and how to smize. As the shoot went on, it was time to change looks. One question that you might be asking yourself is where do I change?  The answer is in a pop up tent that Mrs. Amy provides that allows you to change on location, in private. 

The session was the most fun I have ever had taking pictures.

We went to multiple locations and used up every drop of light we had. During the shoot, I told myself to hold onto the memory of taking the pictures, as it is something I will cherish the rest of my life.

After the shoot, Mrs. Amy took about a week to edit the images before showing me the gorgeous pictures. She came to my house and presented a slide show of the best pictures of the shoot.

I am very excited to use these pictures for my graduation announcements, to hang in my home and to send to family. I am very grateful for choosing 627 Photography for my senior session. If I could do it all over again I would pick Mrs. Amy everytime!

This is part one of a series of guest blog posts from Sydney McCoy about being a senior and life as a teen in general.  Check back for the next post soon!

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