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September 18, 2015

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I never lived ’til I lived in your light
My heart never beat like it does at the sight
Of you baby blue, God blessed your life
I do not live ‘less I live in your light

-The Avett Brothers

I’ve known Brad and Jaime for years.  We were at each others’ weddings, our pups were playmates together, and now it is awesome to see them in this new role as parents.  When I got to their house for this session, Jaime and I talked for a minute, then she asked me to hold Quinn while she and Brad finished getting ready.

I was alone with this new little person. He was sleeping so peacefully and I just stared at him and remembered how much time you spend just gazing at your new little person in wonder and amazement when you first meet them.  The miracle of birth! The things our bodies do to build a new being inside of us! The love you are smashed in the face with the very first time you hold your baby.  It is such a beautiful, messy, joyous, overwhelming (and hard) time but it is a true blessing if you get to do it.  Brad and Jaime were cool as cucumbers and seem to have this parenting thing down.  Quinn is one lucky little guy.


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