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February 16, 2015

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After your session is over, how do you want to enjoy at your images? Do you want to see them on your living room walls each time you enter the room? Do you want to sit down and turn page after page full of photographs from your session?

We spend so much time planning for our session but it is also important to think about the end product before you even get started. That is a question I ask each of my clients, and it helps us plan our session better.

Session albums are a wonderful way to showcase many or all of the images from your session. This is definitely a case where less is not more- if you love so many that you can’t choose, then don’t! An album is an heirloom and something that can be enjoyed every day!

These albums are handcrafted and custom designed. You can choose a luscious leather or linen cover, and the pages are thick and durable. Quality craftsmanship will ensure your album can be passed down to your kids and their kids and their kids…


Love this album? Schedule your session and we’ll start planning for your very own session album!

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