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January 23, 2017

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because she is more than just a business owner.

This is Cary- she is a mother, a traveler, an influencer, an entrepreneur- she is the woman behind Vend Raleigh.  And she knew that she wanted her website to reflect all of these aspects of her life.  So we shot at her home on bright sunny morning while her kids + husband came in and out and joined us for a few photos.  Because that is what her real life looks like.

I took this opportunity with Cary to find out a little more about her business.

1. What lead you to start Vend Raleigh?
I owned two small businesses and through those businesses I began meeting many moms that were also solo entrepreneurs. I was surprised at the lack of business community. Why wasn’t this woman collaborating with this woman? And, how do these ladies not know one another?  I began Vend Raleigh simply as a platform for women to meet, seek advice, and partner. Now we offer many online communities for support, amazing events from local experts, and an online business Directory where Raleigh consumers can shop and hire local business women.
2. What motivates you to do this work?
I am passionate about building community. Being a solo entrepreneur can be lonely. When we come together we generate inspiration and create incredible (and profitable) collaborations.
 3. What advice would you give to a business-minded mom?
We all have a little something special. It might take a little while for a new business owner to find her confidence. Hiring a business coach or joining a supportive professional group will help build belief in yourself. Then, when you know and trust your special gifts and talents, own them! 
4. When was a time that you felt discouraged and how did you push thru it?
On occasion I might look at another professional group and think, “I want that ‘thing’ for us.” But then I look at all we have accomplished over the last 6 years and the thousands of women we reach and I know in my heart we offer something very unique. And that’s just it really, all the professional groups around us offer different things- which is beautiful! We balance all that local Raleigh business women need. This makes it easy to work together, share members, and create true community.
5. What was a memorable moment when taking a risk paid off for you?
This doesn’t answer your question very well… but here’s what I got…
I used to fear financial risk, but I don’t anymore. After my first year or two of business I’ve grown to trust my instincts. I just know when an event is going to be successful.
6. Do you have a word for 2017?
My two words for 2017 are Global Mindset. I want my conversations, purchases, service projects, and business plans to not only be about my backyard, but about the world. I’m starting by shopping local and encouraging the women around me, of course, then thinking of ways to ripple this hope and economic support beyond home. In May 2017 I’m coleading a group of solo entrepreneur ladies to Rwanda to explore, meet and work with artisans, and share new life experiences. I can’t wait to see how we will be inspired to be more intentional global citizens and business owners.


Thank you Cary, for sharing so much!
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