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Making Family Portraits Fun for Kids

September 9, 2014

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It’s almost fall; the time for cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice everything (yum!), and fall family portraits. Tis the season to be prepared for the upcoming holiday season! Let’s make this easy on the kids and follow a few guidelines, so everyone has a fun time, leaves happy, and gets great results!

1. Let them be kids! Run, jump, and play!
Not only does it make for super cute pictures, but it also wears them out! Win win! They can have fun for part of the session and then the smiles happen a little more naturally and easily.
2. Choose a location that is fun and interesting for kids.
They can explore and are visually stimulated, while we find the best spot for the next set of photos!
3. Bribe them!
If you have to. 😉 Some of the best parks in Cary have lovely scenery for photos and a cool playground. So if they can be good for the photos, they can play after!

4. Don’t dress them too stiffly.
Kids are much more comfortable- when they are comfortable. If their clothes are too scratchy or they are worried about getting them dirty, their little faces will look strained and tense. Let them help pick out their clothes. You can guide them, but they will feel important if asked for input.

5. Don’t make them scared of you or me.
I will do my best to make it fun for everyone! Not only should we create beautiful, authentic portraits of you and your family, but we should also create memories!

6. Tell them it’s going to be fun (and help make it fun!)
Their mood will often reflect our mood. So if we tell them its going to be fun, and we act excited, they probably will to!

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