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Maddie // Athens Drive High School

December 22, 2021

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“I absolutely loved working with Amy because she not only did an excellent job, but she was kind and personable. I couldn’t have asked for better pictures to reflect my senior year, but the process was something I’ll remember forever as well. I don’t consider myself a photogenic person, but the whole experience challenged that belief because of Amy.”

I also loved working with Maddie and her mom for her senior portrait session! She mentioned from the very beginning that she wanted more modern and natural poses and didn’t enjoy her expereince with school photographers who gave her props and unnatural poses.  We all just want to look like the best, most polished versions of ourselves!

Unusual talent you have
I can juggle and solve a rubriks cube.

When I Grow Up, I want to be…
Someone in the medical field. Whether that be in academic medicine or a radiologist, I don’t know. I am interested in pursuing a career that involves a lot of writing and medicine.

What are you most excited for in the next grade?
Getting to experience all of the events that come with being a senior.

What would you tell those entering the grade you just left?
Junior year is difficult, but it is manageable. If you value school, you’ll prioritize school. If you value friendships and social life, you will prioritize social life. There are things that are going to prevail as important to you, and you will be sure to succeed in that one area. However, you are so busy that by pursuing one thing, the other facets of your life may decline, so make sure that whatever you value most IS your priority.


Something I wish I were better at
Singing. Definitely singing.

Favorite Color

Favorite App on your phone

Something you always have in your bag

What do you think makes a woman strong? What do you think makes a woman beautiful?
I think strength comes from your ability to standup for your beliefs. I think being strong, as a woman in particular, is your ability to be independent and strong enough to be as confident and brave to pursue your dreams even if you have to defy stereotypes or doubt from you or others. A beautiful woman is someone who is kind and compassionate. I think beauty comes from seeing others and lending a hand and being able to acknowledge the human connection.

List 3-5 things that are on your bucket list
Visit Europe, but mainly travel the world
Earn a doctorate
Inspire others
Bungee Jump
Live life to the fullest

Maddie is a senior at Athens Drive High School this year and is thinking about majoring in Linguistics in college.  She is looking at several schools including Duke, UNC, UVA and Columbia.  Best of luck, Maddie!!


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