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Jonas :: Cary Children’s Photographer

December 14, 2015

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Jonas is a sweet, funny kid.  He enjoys a good joke, just needs a stick to play, and does a great impression of a cheetah.  This is the second time I’ve photographed Jonas (see the two year old Jonas here) and I loved seeing how much he has changed.  Children grow so fast- mentally and physically. Jonas is taller, still easy with a smile, a little more introspective, but still open.  Did he remember me? No, probably not, but he definitely liked my knock knock jokes! (They are pretty funny!)Cary-NC-Children's-Photographer-01Cary-NC-Children's-Photographer-01Cary-NC-Children's-Photographer-01Cary-NC-Children's-Photographer-01Cary-NC-Children's-Photographer-01Cary-NC-Children's-Photographer-01Cary-NC-Children's-Photographer-01Cary-NC-Children's-Photographer-01Cary-NC-Children's-Photographer-01Cary-NC-Children's-Photographer-10

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