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How to make the Senior session easy and enjoyable – Senior Guy’s Edition

January 27, 2023

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Let’s be honest- some guys are into it and some do it just for their moms! Either scenario is fine and both deserve great senior portraits! So if you are a Senior guy mom and your son is doing a senior portrait session just for you-read on!

Here are 3 ways to make it easy and enjoyable-

  1. Let them wear what they want to wear i.e. stick with their style. Their style, but a little more polished- think date night outfits instead of hanging out with friends outfits. But senior portrait day is the day to make sure everything (shoes included) is clean and wrinkle free.
  2. Talk about locations and see if there are places that are sentimental or more their vibe. For Trevor’s session, we went with 2 different locations- downtown first and then a farm. Both resonated for him so we did both!
  3. Keep it simple and positive! How they feel going into the session will play a huge role in how they feel during the session. This milestone should be met with excitement and happiness, not stress and overwhelm. If they aren’t that into having their picture taken, keeping it light and fun will make all the difference!

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