How to Choose Your Location

August 29, 2013

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Choosing your location for your session is an important factor and will help determine the look and feel of your photos. Try to choose a location that will reflect who you are; if there is a spot that is meaningful or sentimental to you, use it!

Green spaces (parks and fields) are great for lush, textural backgrounds. These are often good for family shoots with children because they can run and play in between the posed shots, and I can also get some natural shots of them in their element. Parks with playgrounds are good for playful pictures, and bribery (they can play after all the pictures are done), if necessary. Everyone wins!

Cityscapes are another option, and provide so many different looks within a few steps. You can always find great doorways, modern store fronts or ivy covered brick walls to add interest.

For a more rustic feel, there are several parks with barns, fences and old buildings that provide a little romance or whimsy.

If you aren’t sure where you’d like to have your session, I am always happy to throw out some ideas or location scout. There is no bad location- there is beauty everywhere!

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