How I chose my business name

June 27, 2013

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I shouldn’t tell you this, but I had a really hard time coming up with a name for my photography business.
At the time, I was a product photographer for an art supply company and was branching out to do a few things on my own, and I needed to come up with a name fast, in order to promote myself. Most photographers use the “first name, last name Photography” business model and they’re done. However, my married name is/was already taken by other Amy Hills in the biz (common problem for those with a common name?) and my maiden name had always been hard for others to say and spell.
So I chose a special date. 6/27 aka June 27.
Today is our 5 year anniversary, and not only am I lucky to be married to my husband but I am grateful for our whole wedding planning process that really turned me back on to shooting weddings again. A blessing in so many ways.
Happy anniversary, my love.

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