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Halle and Addison’s mom reached out to me after she saw senior pictures I did of a friend’s daughter. “Your pictures are just beautiful, and I feel like you take the time to get to know the people you are photographing, and that truly means a lot to me.  I love the Seniors Magazine….great tips!”  […]

Halle + Addison // Sister Session

teen sisters in downtown raleigh at city market

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Meet Savannah! Savannah is a freshman at Apex Friendship High School. Savannah’s mom asked me about a session for her after I photographed her sister’s as seniors (see Samantha here and Sydney here.) Even though Savannah isn’t a senior yet, her mom still saw the value of capturing who Savannah is in these early teen […]

Savannah // Teen Portrait Session

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by: Sydney McCoy Picking a college can be a stressful time with lots of factors to consider; the location, major options, cost, sports and much more. The first step is to pick a major that interests you. If you are going to school for agriculture, there would be no reason to apply to a school […]

Picking a College // Advice from a Senior

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By Sydney McCoy Junior year is dubbed as the hardest year in High School as your grades for college will be determined this year. A lot of kids try to take on heavy work loads with multiple AP (Advanced Placement, college level), dual enrollment and honors classes. This is great to push yourself to better […]

What I Wish I Knew as a Junior 

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I wanted to experiment with smoke bomb photography, so we decided to do a whole shoot with them!  The Teen Model Team was up for it, and their moms were so helpful in setting off the smoke bombs for me.  Once it goes off, you have to shoot pretty quickly, as it gets smokey really […]

Teen Model Team // Smoke Bomb Photography

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