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I wanted to experiment with smoke bomb photography, so we decided to do a whole shoot with them!  The Teen Model Team was up for it, and their moms were so helpful in setting off the smoke bombs for me.  Once it goes off, you have to shoot pretty quickly, as it gets smokey really […]

Teen Model Team // Smoke Bomb Photography

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Our 2nd Teen Model Team shoot was a ton of fun!  Each time we get together they get more comfortable around each other and in front of my camera. These cute girls range in age from 13-16.  Do you remember being this age?  I do, and it wasn’t easy.  Feeling constantly self conscious, noticing what […]

Teen Model Team // Teen Portraits

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This year, when I put on my posted on Instagram looking for rising seniors to join my Senior Model Team, I had a girl (in middle school) reach out and suggest a team for younger teens.  She said “I just know school is hard for some people and modeling would help them by giving them […]

Teen Model Team

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