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August 21, 2014

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You get engaged months before the big day. You plan, you meet, you arrange, you get fitted- there are so many details, that they are sure to be some bumps along the way. But being prepared can help prevent and alleviate any last minute surprises that may arise. Here are a few tips that may help.

1. Create a wedding day timeline.
From start to finish. This will help you map out and visualize your day, and your photographer can tell you how much time may be needed for certain things. I love to help the bride create a timeline for the day, and it puts us on the same page.
2. Allow extra time
Be realistic about how long things may take, or if someone is late, or if something is left behind and has to be picked up. Pad your “day of” timeline and give yourself a little breathing room!

3. Allow enough time for photos
The one place you don’t want to have take time away from on your wedding day is your portraits, so don’t. If you have added a little extra time throughout your day, you won’t have to worry if anything runs behind schedule (because something probably will.)

4. Consider the time of day for your big day’s timeline
Work with your photographer to finalize your timeline so that you won’t be trying to get portraits finished in the dark (hello daylight savings time!) or harsh afternoon light for an earlier wedding. We will guide you so that you will get the most beautiful photographs possible in the most beautiful locations and lighting.

5. Appoint a point of contact person.
If you don’t have a planner hired, it is helpful if someone (a bridesmaid or maid of honor), can serve as a point person, to round up family members, keep things running on time, or answer questions that you may not want to be bothered with on your big day.

6. Communicate.
With everyone, about what you’d like. Tell your guests if you want to have an unplugged wedding. Tell your family to stay where they are needed for the family portraits. Tell your vendors exactly what you are looking for, or have questions about; everyone wants to help you have the wedding day you’ve dreamed of having!

7. Enjoy every minute of it!

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