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5 Tips to Show Your Personality in Senior Portraits

September 10, 2020

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Senior portraits should be one of the most exciting parts of your senior year!  They are the perfect time to show your true self- but also be a little extra!  Here are 5 tips to show your personality in your senior portraits.

Dress like you, but on your best days.  Sure, you may mostly wear oversized tees and throw your hair up in a pony tail, but on your senior portrait day, wear the outfits that make you feel beautiful.  Know your style and then elevate it.  If you choose not to get professional hair and makeup, make sure you you go a little bolder and a little more polished than a normal day.  Although you are still just as beautiful on a normal day, the camera needs a little extra makeup to make your features POP!

Have a sport, musical instrument or hobby that you love?  Bring it and show it! Wear your jersey, bring your flute, or even your favorite prop to show your personality and the things you love!

Pets!  Yes, you can bring your favorite fluffy friend to your session.  When you leave for college, you will miss your pet as much as your family and will appreciate a picture of the two of you!Accessories.  They are a small detail, but adding accessories to your outfits helps to add a level of polish to your overall look.  It also helps to show your personal style and if you have something sentimental, tell me!  We can make sure to get a picture of your class ring, or the pearls from your Grandma.


Don’t be afraid to be silly and have fun!  I will ask you to twirl, jump, jog backwards, walk wobbly, throw flowers- all to get a slice of your silly side and true smile.  But you have to be willing to really go there with me.  Just let go and  have fun!

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