Quick Styling Tips

01. Balance your prints. If your top is full of color & pattern, then anchor it with a more simple bottom. Too much pattern can pull attention away from your face.

02. The same goes for the cut of your top and bottom. If you’re wearing a flowy and oversized top, pair it with more tailored pants. Wearing wide-leg trousers or a full skirt? Pair it with a crop top or fitted shirt.

03. Wear colors that look great on your skintone.  Aren’t sure which colors look great you?  Download the free guide!

04. Layers are your friend. If you are wearing a minimal outfit or monotone look, throw on a complementary cardigan, scarf, or jacket.

05. Balance also goes for visible skin. If you’re wearing a short skirt, go for a top with more coverage. If you decide on a deep v neck, then go with complementary pants.

06. Extend spring & summer pieces by throwing on fall accessories like knee high boots, denim or leather jacket, and a scarf.

07. Accessories will also follow the balance rule. If you choose heavy and eye catching earrings, pair them with a super simple and minimal chain necklace. Vice versa for a statement necklace (go easy on the ears).

08. Dress for your body type and wear necklines that flatter.

09. Always, always, always wear nude undergarments underneath white clothing.

10. Texture can level up or level down a look. Want a more casual feel? Canvas and denim are the answer. Want to make a look more sophisticated? Bring in the leather, sheer, and faux fur materials.

designed by Elizabeth McCravy

 627 Photography © 2024 Apex Senior Photographer